What is MAPay?

MAPay is a decentralized payment network solution that provides increased security while lowering transaction costs and improving payment performance for a multitude of industry stakeholders.

MAPay, a global healthcare technology firm, has deployed a platform agnostic transformational healthcare payment network. The Company is poised to be the industry leader in healthcare payment processing. ​

Why MAPay?

The current landscape of healthcare is often a zero-sum game in which misaligned incentives, a lack of transparency in billing & pricing, and non-interoperable systems drive up the cost of care, while often driving down the quality of care. The Network is resolving new use cases every day among healthcare systems, government entities, medical apps and medical corporate care. Challenge us with yours. fixIt@mapay.com

The backbone of the network utilizes a hybrid architecture of distributed ledger technology, traditional database and payment processing. Delivering every day the most comprehensive and effective healthcare solution.

Problems We Are Targeting


Healthcare payments today are a significant cost and an administrative burden, relative to the care provided


A massive expressed need in the market for increased interoperability via transparency in medical commerce


Most technical solutions that adhere to proper data security models provide little or no coordination mechanisms

Healthcare Payments Innovator MAPay Tackles Inefficiencies in Global Healthcare Transactions

Philadelphia – MAPay, LLC, a global healthcare technology firm, has deployed a transformational healthcare payment network with an expanding customer base, positive patenting positions, increasing revenues, and multiple industry stakeholder acceptance. The company utilizes distributed ledger technology to power smart contracts to transact secure medical solutions on the MAPay network. MAPay utilizes a hybrid architecture of both centralized and decentralized protocols for multi-party medical payments and HIPAA-compliant data exchange.