MAPay Bolsters Delivery of Blockchain Healthcare Payments and Data Internationally with New Chief Global Strategy Officer

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New C-Suite Support Added to Strengthen International Operations and Access to MAPay Technology and Services Worldwide

VOORHEES, N.J., March 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MAPay, the global healthcare fintech company revolutionizing healthcare payments and data exchange with distributed ledger and blockchain technology, announced the appointment of Robert Metz as the firm’s new Chief Global Strategy Officer. Metz will assist the MAPay team with global origination and partnership opportunities, along with providing strategic counsel for the implementation of MAPay solutions internationally.

Mr. Metz is a pioneer in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, with more than 20 years of executive-level experience building successful domestic and international startups from the ground up to operational excellence. Reporting directly to Michael Dershem, the Founder and CEO of MAPay, Metz will be responsible for sourcing and evaluating international deal flow, as well as advancing the global strategy to provide more countries and organizations with MAPay’s patented blockchain health solutions that transform medical payments and data for entire countries.

“We believe the opportunity is ripe to improve healthcare delivery around the globe with MAPay’s first-ever blockchain-enabled vault wallet with bi-directional payments, data, and secure messaging,” explained Dershem. “Augmenting our team with Rob’s dynamism will increase our ability to connect the dire systematic healthcare needs with secure, systematic blockchain technology to improve the efficiency of healthcare provisioning worldwide.”

Metz will work with three main groups, providers, payers and patients to obtain contracts and data, collaborate, and enable open source, permissionable distributed ledger solutions that have the potential to deliver significant global economic and social impact.

“My background with numerous biotechnology startups and significant depth within cross-functional industry experience, makes this challenging role with MAPay a perfect fit for me,” said Metz. “I am eager to empower patients and healthcare providers to leverage MAPay’s blockchain technology to improve and align incentives, significantly reduce systemic healthcare costs, and increase transparency for data exchanges. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve healthcare delivery and alleviate health inequities around the world.”

A native of Lake Forest, IL and Longboat Key, Fla, Metz spent most of his personal and professional life in the Chicago area, previously working as the Founder and Managing Director of Armour Life Sciences and was a key operational founder and Sr. Vice President of Global Business Operations and External Affairs at Horizon Therapeutics. Robert Metz received his Bachelor’s in Management and Economics from Marietta College and actively participates in numerous local healthcare and civic-related 501c3 organizations.

About MAPay
MAPay is a global healthcare fintech company that is deploying distributed ledger technology to power smart contracts, transacting secure medical solutions. The company has developed a hybrid architecture of both centralized and decentralized protocols for multi-party medical payments and HIPAA-compliant data exchange. MAPay is working in association with hospital networks, practice management systems, drug companies, insurance payers, pharmacies and government entities. The company is committed to empowering patients and healthcare providers by leveraging blockchain technology to improve and align incentives, reduce costs, and bring increased transparency and data exchange. The company believes in permissible open-sourced system collaboration, and solution sets that are economically and socially impactful.