MAPay Leading the Way for Contactless Commerce, Remote Payments and Telehealth Payments


MAPay is a global healthcare fintech company specializing in multi-access/multi-party transactions by providing Contactless Commerce Payment Solutions. Due to increased volume and multi-party transactions created by COVID-19, current systems and processes are not able to handle commerce in an efficient, compliant and consumer-responsible manner. 

As a result, MAPay is leading the way for our healthcare heroes, hospital systems, independent practices and consumers by providing non-contact payment solutions/remote payments for key transactions. We are creating solutions for telehealth appointments, pharmacy deliveries, medical device/suppliers, remote workers, labs, and practice management systems.

Above all, our turnkey and secure solution minimizes risk and seamlessly integrates into any existing infrastructure. MAPay offers web/online-credit card, eChecks, SMS text and IVR (Integrated Voice Response) solutions—including storing information for future transactions. MAPay only does Healthcare…you might say we are your clinician for commerce.